BAUMA CHINA 2014: Volvo Construction Equipment makes its presence felt at Shanghai’s Bauma China exhibition, the number one trade show in Asia

Volvo’s 1,804m2 exhibition area displayed the company’s long-term commitment to the China market, with ‘Caring Drives Innovation’ as the overall theme. Volvo CE grasped the opportunity to showcase products specifically adapted and designed for China, alongside other key international players keen to present their wares at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Company President Martin Weissburg made it clear that China, where Volvo CE is already a market leader in excavators and wheel loaders, is fundamental to the company’s future plans.


Visitors were given an insight into the advantages and benefits of being a Volvo CE customer, thanks to a comprehensive package of finance, fleet management, parts and service support options. On display were exhibits from Volvo CE’s design arts campaign Trash to Treasure, transforming scrap metal from Volvo machines into art. Also featured, Volvo CE’s nationwide eco-operator contest Operator Idol, the first contest of its kind in China, and the largest fuel-efficiency training event in the world targeting more than one million excavator operators in China.



Volvo CE has developed a number of attachments for its iconic L105 wheel loader to cater for the needs of customers in China, turning this highly adaptable machine into a multiple tool carrier

L105 edit


bucket 1

Research into the engineering and operation of a large number of tunnels and underground mines in China has led to the development of a side dumping bucket for the L105 wheel loader to cope with limited working space. This custom bucket, combined with the lifting device and hydraulic system of the L105, substantially improves the safety and convenience of underground and tunnel operations.





bucket2Based on centuries of experience and knowledge in Sweden of wood loading and transport, Volvo CE has developed an advanced log grapple for the L105 wheel loader. This multi-functional attachment is designed for use in wood gathering and processing industries, making loading and transporting safer and more efficient.





bucket3A high tipping bucket has also been introduced by Volvo CE to cater for the tall trucks operating in the Chinese market with higher dumping points. The bucket is ideal for light materials such as snow, wood chip, fertilizer and coal, with its built-in hydraulic system giving a taller tilt height than standard. Truck loading and high lifting is not only made easy, but loading times are reduced and safety is enhanced.




Star products at Bauma included Volvo CE’s new P6820C (featured) and P8720B pavers offering quality paving and fuel efficiency


Adapted for the China market

Adapted for the China market

The new mid-sized Volvo P6820C tracked paver is an all-rounder equipped for high performance – ideal for medium-sized jobs with some flexibility for larger scale projects.


The emission-compliant engine is considerably more powerful than the model it replaces, while using less fuel
and making less noise. Fuel consumption is further reduced when the operator uses smart power mode to lower engine RPM to match power and demand, resulting in fuel savings of up to 30%.


The Volvo Variomatic screed offers a high degree of flexibility when frequently changing paving widths, up to twice the basic screed width – from 2.5 to five meters. Added extensions means it can pave up to widths of nine meters. With a Volvo fixed screed, the P6820C is proven to be effective when paving up to 700 tonnes per hour at 10 meters wide. This machine is versatile enough for a range of applications, including municipal and main roads, highways and waste-storage areas. It can also handle a range of materials, from wearing course and binder course to base course and frost protection layers.


For the China market, the P6820C has been equipped with a flat fuel tank, an extended hopper and a newly designed oscillating beam with push rollers adapted for the higher dumping clearance in standard China dump trucks.


Maintenance of the P6820C track paver has been simplified, with improved service access from the operator platform to service points, via large opening compartments. Volvo CE has also delivered a segregation method for material conveyance and distribution specifically designed for the asphalt mix used on roads in China.



The new EC170D crawler excavator (pictured) displayed at Bauma has not been seen in China before

Show stopper

Show stopper

To  meet growing demand for machines in China’s growing civil engineering sector, Volvo Construction Equipment is preparing to introduce excavator models EC130D, EC140D, EC170D and EC220DL to the market. The EC170D crawler excavator is a totally new tonnage model which falls between those of 20 and 14 tonnes currently sold in China, providing better productivity than a 14-tonne model yet working out more economical than one of 20 tonnes. The EC170D is the epitome of Volvo CE’s modern D-series style, equipped with an engine that conforms to Chinese emission regulations while offering improved fuel efficiency with ECO mode and optimum operator controllability.