OPERATOR CORNER: Top-of-the-range machines are a driving force for this wheel loader specialist

by John Bayliss

Although driving cars and motorbikes are quite a passion for 35-year-old Claudio Luca Piazzi, one of his favourite machines is the new Volvo L250G wheel loader. In fact, he claims it has completely changed the nature of the shifts he does for the Misconel construction company in Cavalese in northern Italy.


The Misconel offices in the Fiemme Valley are the hub for all the company’s projects across the whole northern Italy region. As well as construction and earth moving, an important part of the company’s core business is processing raw materials into different products such as asphalt. This is where Piazzi works as the chief specialist in wheel loaders.


Material coming from Misconel’s many different contracts for general construction or land preparation is brought back to Cavalese by dump truck before being transformed into products such as sand or gravel. Piazzi can be found in his L250G wheel loader weaving his way around and up and down the huge mounds of earthworks that are either waiting to be processed or have already been transformed into new raw construction materials.

The Volvo L250G wheel loader has a bigger bucket size than its predecessors

The Volvo L250G wheel loader has a bigger bucket size than its predecessors


Piazzi helps to sort the various materials before moving loads of the raw earthworks into a compacter. He explains that the wheel loader’s efficient drivetrain makes his task that much smoother, adding to the maneuverability of the machinery around the busy yard.


As he helps reduce the towering piles of materials that have come back from the project sites he is busy creating new mounds of transformed raw construction products. The site is an ever-changing landscape.


The heavy duty axles on the L250G distribute the high torque to meet the high productivity needed for the operation. The design reduces the stresses on the vehicle and extends its working life.


Piazzi says the Volvo equipment is perfect for moving the huge loads in this tough working environment. The L250G has a bigger bucket size than its predecessors and is more powerful. The Volvo Z-bar linkage allows for a high breakout force so that no matter what the material, it provides the force needed for heavy loads.


“I like this fantastic new model very much,” Piazzi enthuses. “With the arrival of this new L250G we were able to replace a dump truck and one other wheel loader, which has made operations more efficient. We can do everything with this machine.”


He is particularly happy with the cab. “The technology allows operators to load and handle material very quickly. And OptiShift makes it fast – I like the speedier way of working,” says Piazzi, adding that the silent nature of the cabin helps ease the stress and strains of daily tasks.



Piazzi and his wife Lorenza, who also works for Misconel, married six years ago. He has always lived in the Fiemme Valley which, set high in Italy’s Dolomite ranges, is a very popular destination for tourists in summer and winter alike. Besides enjoying plenty of local activities, Piazzi likes the fact that he is only a 50-minute drive from Trento and just 90 minutes from Verona.


It is no surprise that, living so close to hundreds of kilometers of ski runs in the Dolomites, winter sports are a particular favourite of his. When Piazzi is not skiing or riding his motorbike, he also enjoys running. However, his passion for construction carries over into his private life where he often spends time working on small building and mechanical projects.


Music is another way for him to unwind: “I listen to all kinds of music, from classic to rock, depending on my mood or the situation.” Throw in a short commute from home to work with a very efficient and comfortable L250G wheel loader to operate, and Piazzi agrees that his work/life balance is really pretty good.


The technology allows operators to load and handle material very quickly

The technology allows operators to load and handle material very quickly